Matrix Zorb Cold Weather Human Hamster Ball Zorb

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1.00MM 3*3M more

Water Wheel Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel

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Kid's Inflatable Water Wheel Swimming Pool Toy (49 X 33) - Summer just got funner in the pool with this brand new Kidster Water Wheel. Don't you wish we had these when we were kids. Your kids will love the hamster wheel like movement in this fun and unique inflatable pool toy. Roll along the top of the water with ease in the Kidster Water Wheel. Adult Supervision is always recommended. more

VIAIR 90P Portable Compressor

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Viair 90P Portable Compressor is a small but powerful portable compressor kit capable of inflating up to 31 inch tires by simply clamping the power leads to the battery terminal, connecting the lever style tire chuck to the tire valve stem and turning the unit on. Tire pressure can be monitored using the gauge mounted on top of the unit. Just turn off the unit to take an accurate pressure reading since air flow into the tire will show an inaccurate pressure reading. Has a 15 percent duty cycle, 120 PSI maximum working pressure compressor. more

HearthSong GBOP IncredaBall 65 Inflatable Ball

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Our 65 Incred-A-Ball in translucent orange and yellow is the newest addition to our collection of GBOPs (Great Big Outdoor Playballs)! Kids can stay active with this enormous GBOP, all year round and fun in any weather. Roll it, race it, run with it: our playball is great for solo or group play. Kids can even climb inside to get a colorful view of the world. Use our Electric Pump to easily inflate and deflate. Adult supervision suggested. For ages 8 and up. Size:65 Incred-A-Ball. more

UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball

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Shake, roll, pass or play your way to delicious homemade ice cream in about 30 minutes. You don't need any electricity, just basic movements and ingredients, for the unique UCO Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker. Simply add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other, then play with this durable polycarbonate ball until you have a delicious frozen treat. Your ice cream mix can be as simple or as creative as you'd like just mix cream, sugar and a flavor. It's lightweight and easy to clean and is ideal for camping, boating, picnics, parties, travel anywhere! Features: . Make delicious ice cream anywhere in about 30 minutes . Durable polycarbonate construction . Requires no electricity . Easy to clean Item Specifications: Diameter: 7.5 Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz. Capacity: 1 pint Material: Polycarbonate Approximate Prep Time: 30 minutes with cream, 35 minutes with half and half more

Lavish Hotels in Manali to Provide Unbounded Comforts and Luxuries

There is nothing else that soothes the weary travelers than being within the laps of Mother Nature and this is often attainable after you book your rooms within the luxury hotels in Manali. A number of the celebrated hotels that bear the 5 star tags embody Manu Allaya Resort and Spa, Manali Resorts, edifice Rock Manali, vacation hotel Manali, and so on. These hotels supply all luxurious fashionable amenities and square measure at constant time embraced by idyllic geographic area of snow capped mountains and dense drape of pine trees. Vacation hotel offers fifty five furnished suites and guests will fancy a multi-cuisine fare at its eating places Symphony and unwind within the cool atmosphere of its public house.

The hotel in Manali square measure a staggering range of 4 star Manali hotels wherever you’ll be able to fancy and knowledge Associate in Nursing exotic mix of comfort, luxury and ancient cordial reception. These hotels offer you a whole rejuvenating expertise and you’ll be able to brace yourself for a novel vacation amidst lush foliage and fascinating mountains. A number of the foremost notable names square measure Highland Park Resort, Heritage Village Resort, Banon Resort, Apple Country Resorts, Quality hotel watercourse Country Resort, and so on. The rooms in these hotels square measures elegantly adorned and supply amenities like TV, telephone, 24hrs space service, large beds, etc. They even have facilities like swimming bath, banquet halls, audio-visual instrumentality, currency exchange, helper services, safe lockbox, and so on. Thus prepare to be coddled by the simplest and weave haunting reminiscences during this exotic hill resort. Tourists will fancy sport and ice-skating solely throughout the winters and to fancy different activities visit the place throughout the summer.

The best time to go to Manali is from April-July though even throughout winter guests will have many fun, however, avoid traveling to Manali throughout the monsoon owing to the landslide threat. Many Manali hotels have their websites that announce special company packages and deals for honeymoon couples. They even see that their data is offered to those seeking accommodation in hotels in Manali on pressing notice. Indeed, for people who would like to travel will even book within the Manali hotels abundant ahead. Certify you check and recheck if want be of all the small print together with the amenities provided at the hotels and their valuation. There ought not to hesitate to raise and ensure concerning a similar from the hotels through their various on-line enquiry type or maybe directly through a telephone. The aim of this diligence is to create the task of booking in Manali hotels easier and trouble free similarly.

There will be no words to explain the picturesque hill station of Manali and you have got to grasp what heaven actual appearance you wish. It’s perked up at an altitude of 1950 meters within the Beas watercourse depression and is one amongst the foremost made-up holiday resorts occupying a major spot in the Indian business enterprise map. Since Manali is sandwiched between the flamboyant chains of mountains, it provides commanding vistas of snow-covered valleys and attention-grabbing flower gardens. Manali Hotels square measures good abodes and have a name and fame for making wizardly holidays for all globe trotters and nature lovers. Manali sees an enormous traveler influx between the months of Gregorian calendar month to December and March to June. Summer is that the best time to go to this hill station since this Queen of hill stations’ supply several journey activities to the tourists. Tourists will fancy Paragliding, trekking, mountain sports, rafting, zorbing, etc. a number of the sightseeing attractions embody Rohtang Pass, Solang depression, Rahala Falls, Zana Falls, Manu Temple, and so on. The hotels and banquet hall in Manali square measure settled in strategic points giving quick access to any or all the attractions of Manali. However travel consultants advocate booking your rooms well earlier, thus you’ll be able to fancy special Prepacked deals.

Usha Lexus offers banquet hall in Manali with latest and modern equipment for weddings, birthday parties and other social events.

Kullu Manali Beauty of Nature

Kullu Manali Situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a perfect tourism place for all, Specially in summer seoson. Manali is the place for those people who loved snowfall. April to November is the best time to visit Manali. There are many tourist attraction who loves skiing – Rohtang Pass, Solang valley. Those people who are religious then Hadimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple is the perfect place for them, If you are a Shopping lover then Mall road is the best place for you. If you want a peace place for take some rest then must go Van Vihar – Nature park. Van vihar is the place of full greenery. One thing which i cannot be forget is Beas River. A perfect place for nature lovers. The food of manali is also a good thing which i noticed, Specially ‘paratha’. If you visit manali then must try these ‘parathas’.

Manali is famous for his beauty, Temples, Mall Road solang valley and Rohtang pass.

The people of manali and there  language are good. Culture of manali, Clothes, Tradition place a special corner in our heart. Now i can suggest you that when you visit manali then don’t forget to visit these places.

The famous tourist attraction in manali :

1.   Hadimba Devi Temple – Hadimba Devi was wife of Bheem according to Indian epic ‘Mahabharat’. Hadimba devi lived at this place for a long time. You must visit Hadimba Devi temple for once.

2. Rohtang Pass – About 50 Kms far form Manali. A perfect place for skiing, paragrading, Skating, zorbing and enjoy be there in snow. If you forget to visit this place then your manali tour is not completed. If you think Rohtang pass is very far from Manali town then you have another option to visit same as Rohtang Pass. This place is Solang valley.

3. Solang Valley – About 16 Kms far from manali town. It is also a perfect place for snow lovers. Full of snow with cool wind a perfect combination of a amazing weather.  Take a cup of coffee with some snacks. You feel awesome at this place. Must visit this place.

Perfect Honeymoon destination : I suggest you that if you are a newly married couple then make manali to your honeymoon destination. A perfect place for couples. You can’t forget your honeymoon and manali’s beauty.

I had an good experience for this manali tour. I accepted that Manali is the most visited hill station place of India. Thanks to for providing me budget flight tickets to Manali and cheapest hotel in Manali.

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Plan in advance for your swimming pool party this summer

With the summers just a few months away, stock up your water sports items that you would like to use for your swimming pool party. There are many online stores that deal in these items. However before you go ahead and stock up on the items there are certain things that you need to consider. Some of these important pointers are mentioned below:

Make sure that the items are of high quality plastic that are non toxic. Say for example the zorb ball that you intend to purchase, if it is made of poor quality material then one will feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic inside the ball. And you don’t want people to turn sick and ruin the party. So always insist on high quality materials and make sure that they are non toxic.

The next thing that you need to consider is the safety measures. The zorb ball that you are purchasing should have proper harnessing belts so that once inside it, when the ball is rolled, the concerned person should not fall or slip out of the ball. So check the belts and the locks. Make sure that everything is in place and in order. Trust me, it can prove to be quite dangerous to say the least.

Look out for zorb ball for sale. Many online stores offer great discount and offers that you can use to buy this item at affordable rates. So look out for sales, discounts and rebates.

You can also purchase Inflatable Water Park where you can carry out different water bases activities for the kids so that they too can have their share of fun and does not feel left out.

Water trampoline is another interesting item that you can purchase.

When you are browsing through the site, always read through the client testimonials to see what they have got to say about the company and their products. These testimonials are a storehouse of information.

What about customization? There are many online stores that offer this exciting feature. As such you can easily tailor make these items as per your requirement. If you want to give this swimming pool party a name, then get that name inscribed on all the items that you will be using.

And finally always opt for a store that is both the manufacturer and the dealer. This is quite effective, because after purchase if you find any of these items to be defective, you can always get them replaced at no extra cost.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the online stores today only. We agree that summer is quite a few months away but there is no harm in stocking them up. Moreover as you will be purchasing in the off season you are bound to get interesting deals. So check out these stores today only. Place the order today only. Once you place the order, they will deliver the items at the address provided.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend to Make His Day Special

Whether you have been going out for a month or a year, if it’s your boyfriend’s birthday then he definitely deserves a special gift from you. And what could be better than a thoughtful surprise birthday gift. Price can be overlooked if you have put your thoughts into your gift. All you have to do is carefully observe his habits, hobbies and listen to the things he says and wishes for. If you can get him something that he has always wanted to acquire then it will make the most special birthday gift for him ever.

If romantic is the word that defines him then creativity is the keyword you should look for. It can be anything from a handmade card to a handmade photo frame or collage to a scrapbook. You can write romantic poems or even your favorite love song’s lyrics in your handmade card. Decorate it with hearts and flowers for further beautification. He will be smitten by this act.

If he’s more of a sports person, which eventually most of the guys are, then you can buy him his favorite sports’ accessories and gears. They can be anything from baseball or cricket gloves to some sports merchandise like key chains, jerseys, caps and bottle openers. You can also buy him tickets for his favorite sports’ events and match etc. autographed merchandise will be the icing on the cake.

Does he love adventure? Great! You can plan an adventure sports trip for both of you or for him alone. It can be bungee jumping, river rafting, kayaking, water zorbing, hot air balloon ride, paragliding etc. if you want your trip to be a little more adventurous then how about adding a camp night to it. Go camping with him in a forest on the outskirts of the town. No other way could give a perfect ending to your adventure trip.

We all are aware of the fact that men loves to hunt. So how about a self planned scavenger hunt for him to find his gifts? Hide your tiny gifts in the house and let him find his way around the house with the help of hints or clues. That will be one of a kind birthday gift for your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is gadget geek, then you can always consider the latest electronic gadgets for him. Gadgets make some really useful and special gifts for guys. No matter what his age is he definitely has a fetish for electronic gadgets and it won’t be difficult for you to pick a nice one for him especially when there are hundreds of new gadgets launching every day. It can be a gaming console or gaming station, a playing robot, Bluetooth devices, speakers, headphones, jogging tracker, music player, dock for his iphone etc.

How about some sexy naughty gifts which you both can enjoy? Several websites offers naughty board games and accessories, which can be enjoyed by the couple. You can also buy funny naughty t-shirts, boxers and pajamas for him that has some really naughty quotes and pictures printed on them.

Customized gifts never fail to impress the recipient, be it a key holder, card, bracelet, mug, photo frame, charm, t-shirts etc. you can get his name engraved, printed or embroidered on his birthday gift. To give your gift a romantic touch, you can get his and your own name engraved together on your gift. You can also get his picture printed on a calendar or you can get him a personalized jigsaw puzzle printed with his picture.

You can also get him gift cards or shopping vouchers so that he can buy whatever he wants. You can also get him a gift voucher for an online shopping store, which will make it easier for him to shop his favorite gift. That will surely cut all the fuss for you but won’t be very thoughtful or special gift.

You can get some more amazing birthday gift ideas for boyfriend birthday on various online gift shopping portals and can also get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Accommodation in Damdama Lake Gurgaon




Damdama Lake could be a fashionable destination as weekend getaway from Delhi , Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon etc, folks visit Damdama lake for day picnic , day outing, company team building , boating, camel ride,hot air flight, zorbing etc.

Accommodation in Damdama Lake

Many journey resorts square measure accessible at Damdama Lake like Botanix Nature Resort, Water Bank Resort, Dream Island Resort, Saras traveler advanced etc. wherever Saras traveler Resort is operated by Haryana business .

The food lovers of the Gurgaon appear to be lucky currently that they need a large form of restaurants to settle on. The restaurants here square measure heterogeneous in terms of cuisines and ambiences, that makes it a awfully nice place for the foodies. a number of the renowned restaurants within the region of Gurgaon square measure mentioned during this article.

• China Ming: This Chinese eating place has Associate in Nursing hooked up bar. This eating place is found within the HUB Mall in specific main road of the Gurgaon region. the most cuisines served here square measure Chinese and Thai. Free home delivery is on the market for a minimum order of Rs.500 and around 2kms distance. higher than average rating is provided for each the food and atmosphere of the eating place by the client reviews.

• Sweet Bengal: This eating place serves authentic Bengali food. The eating place is found within the Gokuldham store in Gurgaon and is documented for the Bengali sweets and Namkeens.

• geographical area Lion: this can be one in every of the renowned restaurants in Gurgaon that serves North Indian and Punjabi food. This renowned Dhaba eating place is found within the Satellite Garden, section two within the Film town road in Gurgaon. Free home delivery is provided for a minimum order of Rs.500. Home delivery service is provided to the areas of Sai cake Nagar, Mantra Park, Film town and Gokuldham.

• Jara Hat Ke: this can be a renowned Paratha House in Gurgaon. This eating place is found within the Aba Karmakar road in Yashodham store. North Indian food is provided for the food lovers. The evaluation of the food reasonable} and affordable even for the normal folks. Gurgaon east and Malad East square measure the chosen delivery areas.


• kabob Kitchen: This eating place is represented by the regular diners as merely irresistible. the placement of the eating place is within the Yashodham plaza in Gurgaon. North Indian style is delivered in a very ancient method. Free home delivery service is provided only for a minimum order of Rs.100. The diners have given Associate in Nursing higher than average rating for the style and presentation of the food and a awfully smart rating has been given for the atmosphere.

• Subway: this can be one in every of the foremost necessary sustenance restaurants in Gurgaon. Subway eating place encompasses a range of shops among that Subway Gurgaon is incredibly renowned. the most servings provided within the Subway restaurants square measure completely different varieties and tastes of sandwiches that square measure accessible.

The global flip down had forced an outsized range of bulk house occupiers to relocate to smaller and economical areas with lower rentals. Layoffs, state, job cuts, and ending business operations were the results. This created an outsized vacancy share in existing volumed and prepared to maneuver in areas. currently within the year 2011 wherever the Indian economy is showing positive signs of positive improvement and considering the gross domestic product growth of eight.9% (approx) within the year 2010, has created recent demands for workplace house rentals.

Gurgaon is nearer to the international airdrome and a step from New Delhi. Over and higher than Gugaon conjointly offers cheaper and competitive rental choices compared to New Delhi. a number of the locations wherever volumed offices are often set square measure at Udyog Vihar, MG Road, course Road, South City, Sector forty four %26amp; thirty four. Most of those locations square measure well connected through all major road, and currently in fact the railway system link.

Advantages of a volumed property

Small and enormous house occupier, WHO square measure relocating or beginning a brand new business operation realize it difficult to induce the workplace interior and match outs dead in time. it’s a acknowledged truth, wherever interior match outs for an area of even ten thousand Sqft will take from a number of weeks to is also some months. problems just like the final styles, costing, material choices, finding that right contractor, etc could be a time overwhelming method. a corporation will sick afford now loss. Used volumed offices square measure future most suitable choice to explore, once a website has been set and finalised. bound interior lay out arrange are often changed; most land lords square measure quite happy doing this on a time-frame schedule. Less time is lost, prices square measure in check and you’ve got a able to move in house. this implies less un- productive hours lost. it’s conjointly attainable to find workplace areas wherever the match outs square measure in a superb condition, nearly like new, it all rely upon however economical your industrial land broker is and the way well he understands your specific necessities.

Here is what you must do

Most corporations yearning for workplace areas aren’t clear themselves, on what they very square measure yearning for. typically the corporate representatives WHO square measure assigned  the task to find an acceptable industrial website haven’t understood what their bosses / company square measure very staring at. data is vital at every level, this protects time and cash and efforts. it’s equally necessary to pick a decent industrial land broker and a legal adviser. The industrial property broker ought to be clearly indicated what reasonably house is most popular, the rental budget demarcations, locations, sort of industrial development etc. it’s not a foul plan to form your broker sweat and earn his broker fee. raise him to supply you with all the relevant property details and cost accounting through a presentation at your workplace, let him undertake a property audit for your final approval.

The author could be a industrial property capitalist and broker primarily based in Gurgaon, (Delhi NCR) – Asian nation, the author offers industrial property investment and consulting services, sales %26amp; leasing. If you’ve got any quarries associated with industrial property you’re requested to contact US

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Kids Summer Camp Ideas For School Holiday

The summer school holidays draw nearer, it is time for parents to start thinking about how to handle their children during that time. Obviously, these days children are quite able to entertaining themselves with holiday activities for example going to the beach, watching movies, and spending time with friends. However, an increasing number are participating in homebound activities such as video games, television an internet-based chatting during school holidays. These children will need more than a nudge to get out of the home and inhale a breath of outdoors.

Summer camp ideas for your family works best with kids ages eight or more, but younger siblings can easily go along for the ride. The most crucial element of this family activity is you keep it as interactive as you possibly can, so your kids will not only understand that things don’t just magically happen but probably feel a sense of ownership and pride with what you create together.

Summer Camp Ideas For Kids

Pony Camps

Plenty of little girls love ponies but lots of boys have an interest in all things equine and also at Tulligmore Equestrian Centre in Ballinhassig, Co Cork, there’s a course to suit all budding riders come july 1st.Activities include Saddle Club progressive badges and AIRE progressive certificates, 2 hours of riding daily, pony games, showjumping, trekking, dressage as well as an end-of-week gymkhana.

Science Camps

These camps offer Lego robotics, electronics and fun science for children aged 7-15 years. Located in five locations throughout Cork City, there are two options: adventure and science, for ages 8-15 years; and future techie, for ages 7-10 years. ‘Adventure and science’ includes Lego, science, zorbing, high ropes, canoeing and archery, with respect to the camp location. Children should bring a packed lunch and drink.

Star camp

Starcamp camps are located in venues across Ireland and run for per week in each location beginning with 9.30am and finishing at 2.30pm. Incorporating singing, hip-hop dance, acting, fun, games, self-esteem and confidence building inside a non-competitive,fun-filled and safe environment, the camps are suitable for both girls and boys aged between 4 and 13.

Summer Camp For The College Holiday

Tralee Bay Wetlands

Located over the road from the Aquadome, the centre and nature zone depends on 25 acres of natural habitat. Children (4-13 year-olds) can attend the Eco Explorers and Activity summer camp for 1 week, in both July and August. While using Centre as a living laboratory, participants will become familiar with about wetlands, forests, wildlife and bodies water.

Dunmore East Adventure Centre

The waterside activity programme at Dunmore East Adventure Centre in Co Waterford would work for children between 5 and 17 years. Participants will love a range of activities including windsurfing, kayaking, water trampoline (kids can jump 20ft in to the water), sailing, abseiling, power boat trips and mountain climbing for the older children and pedal boats, aqua olympics, orienteering and humanities and crafts for 5-7 year olds.

i am writing about School Holiday

Various Kinds of Amusement Park Equipment for Nonstop Entertainment

With the advancement of technology and services there has been a successful promotion of amusement industry. Availability of wide range of amusement park equipment has made a competitive economy in the field of amusements. Finding the right choice of equipments for your amusement park, matters the most. There are few such things that you can’t ignore before buying these accessories. Some of the accessories that you would like to prefer are:

• Trampoline: It is one of the essential equipments for every amusement park. Choosing a perfect size, shape etc. should be noted before getting it installed. Getting assured about the lifespan of the equipment is vital. Choosing a supplier which helps you to get it delivered right to your home will be good because these materials are very heavy and bulky.

• Bull rides: It is another type of amusement park equipment which is used to create a lot of excitement. It is usually called as fun ride and should be shopped so that it fits your arena. Before purchasing the equipment ensure the presence safety stop button on the top.

• Bungee trampoline: It is one of the fun starter equipment and is the perfect accessory for a get together. In spite of ordering it from a local vendor, you can take the help of different sites to find an affordable one.

• Water sports: You can buy specialized equipments for zorbing, power boats and rides, bumper boats for children etc. Riding inside a big balloon and enjoying with all the water sporting instruments can only be done with quality water sporting products. These materials are best suited for the amusement parks in India.

• Horror house: Buying suitable materials for encapsulating your horror house is what you would like to have. You can find a lot of creative subjects and different mind blowing concepts suitable for your horror house.

• Foosball: You can find a wide variety of foosball tables available in the internet. Different online suppliers can help you in choosing the type of table according to your functionality.

• Sling shot: This is the best form of personal entertainer, which you can opt for. It is designed with all the harnessing gears to ensure completely safety. Apart from its use in the amusement parks in India, you can order it for having fun with your friends in your back yard.

With all the beautiful rides and accessories, you can have a wonderful experience with your family and friends. You can take a vacation to the favorite spot with your loved ones and you can go on the amazing rides available in the amusement parks in India. With these parks and the available rides, you can certainly make your day memorable. It is better to find all the order the equipments from a trustworthy supplier. You can go through the internet and you can find different sites that can provide you with the suitable accessories. It is better to find out all the safety measures that are provided by the accessories before installing it.

Edwin Blake has been associated with JumpKing International that is the largest supplier of adventure rides, adventure sports and other commercial items to malls, beaches and amusement parks India. Choose from around 100 varieties of amusement park equipment on their website. All components are TUV, GS and CE certified. Visit for more details!

Kullu Manali Hills Be charming Tourists since an Eternity

Kullu and Manali are twin hill stations lying side by side and becharming the visitors collectively like the famous twin music composers who enslave their fans with their duets. Together, they have the Himalayas to themselves and that oh-so-beautiful Beas River. The river can get turbulent in phases, giving birth to rafting and similar sports. These hills enjoy a moderate height of 2,000-3,000 feet. So, they are cool and pleasant without getting too frigid at any time of the year. This is one good reason why tourists flock here throughout and plan their holiday or honeymoon without the speck of a worry.

Rohtang Pass is one of the prime locations at Kullu-Manali. It is an enchanting piece of land which is well known for its landscape and its mountainside sports. Trekking, hiking and exploring take place rampantly. But paragliding is also getting very popular. Zorbing is another game which offers a few seconds of extreme thrill and is worth the money.

The hills at Kullu and Manali are very famous for their shimmering waterfalls. They may become a thin line of stream during the dryer season but their sound and sight are magnetic during the monsoon and post-monsoon months. If you wish to see the waterfalls in the best of their beauty, it is wisest to plan the trip during the months between September and November. Jogini Falls is the best waterfall in the region and make for a must-visit attraction.

One more thing for which the hills of India are noted is the hot water spring. We have one here at Manali in the village of Vashisht. They are incantatory in appeal and beauty, but their religious undertone cannot be ignored after all. Pilgrims and tourists enjoy the spectacle alike and a bath here is considered both cathartic and healing.

Hadimba Temple is another major landmark which deserves a paragraph. Its beauty is multifaceted. On the face of it, it is a temple. But it is historic and has a unique style of architecture. More importantly, it lies in a rather quiet and woody area, thereby making the travel a thrilling affair.

One cannot finish off this piece without singing to the praise of Solang Valley. It is another picnic spot where photography or strolling can be a real leisure. It is a great place to visit during the winter when a tourist is bound to stumble on to thick slices of snow. A number of honeymooners book honeymoon packages for Manali or Best Kullu Manali tour package from Mumbai to escape the scorching plains and to enjoy the company of snow in these hills. While one may consider them as a romantic destination for honeymooners, they also do their part well when it comes to pleasing the families. Kids do have a special time here as do the couples.

As in Goa, here too, cookery classes can be attended. Women take special interest in these since they are always eager to learn some special local recipes. Monasteries are scattered here and there and create a rosy picture of these nature-filled hills.

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Shimla Manali Tour – Explore the natural beauty

‘Travel Blitz Holidays’ is one of the Growing and Reputed travel company in INDIA. Our mission is Bring fun to your holidays and provides you Unforgettable tours. Travel Blitz Holidays offers world-class, hassle-free holidaying in India. We take care of all your travel needs, thereby giving you the bliss of enjoying travel at any given point. We value our customers and realize that each customer is unique. We create holidays keeping in mind your convenience, preferences, interests and time constraints. A workforce of professionally skilled persons, have added laurels to our business. If You are seeking a travel company who can not only provide top quality service, but can also anticipate and fully understand your needs, then look no further Company’s  core activities are All kind of Tour services,  Car Hire, Hotel Reservations, Affordable tour packages, Domestic Tour like: Shimla Manali tours, Exotic Kerala tours, Special Kashmir tour and Royal Rajasthan tours etc.

Shimla Manali Tour Packages Itinerary –

Places Covered: Shimla, Kufri, Kullu, Manali, Rohtang Pass

Delhi to Shimla by Volvo Bus

Arrive Delhi, Volvo Ac bus starts from @8.30 Pm Delhi to Shimla, overnight Journey.

Day 01: Shimla half day city tour

After reaching Shimla check in at hotel .Afternoon is reserved for half day city tour covering Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Sankat Mochan Temple and Jakhu temple, evening free to stroll in the famous shopping place of Shimla town-The Mall and the Ridge. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 02: Shimla Full day tour Kufri %26 Mashobra

After breakfast,excursion to Kufri and Mashobra and return back to hotel at afternoon. Rest of the day is reserved for leisure. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 03: Shimla-Kullu-Manali

 In morning check out from hotel %26 drive to Shimla (7-8 hr). Keep your cameras ready, there are many scenic spots as you pass by Kullu valley, Beas River, Dashehra maidan etc. Arrive and transfer to hotel.  Night stay in Manali.

Day 04: Manali Local sightseeing

Morning arrive at Manali and transfer to hotel  After Fresh up  at Manali hotel , depart for half day local sightseeing tour covering places like  Hadimba Devi temple, Manu temple, Vashisht Bath, Van Vihar and evening shopping at the local market ( Mall ). Overnight stay %26 dinner at Manali hotel.

 Day 05: Manali -Rohatang pass Sight Seeing

Today depart for Rohtang pass ( 51 Kms / 2 Hrs) which is located at height of 13050 Feet above sea level and is gateway for Ladakh from Manali, Generally Rohtang pass open in mid May and closes in mid November , depending up on snowfall , If Rohtang pass is not open sight seeing will be done for available snow point like Gulaba , Kothi or Marhi or Solang valley. Solang valley is heaven for adventure lovers, and paragliding. zorbing, skiing can be done on extra cost. ( Subject to availability). Return back to

hotel, dinner %26 overnight stay at Manali hotel.

Day 06 Manali-Departure

In the morning, you would check out from the hotel. You can explore the Shopping malls of Manali on your own. In the evening at 04 PM board the Volvo AC bus to Delhi for overnight journey.

Morning Arrival at Delhi

You will reach at Delhi around 08-09 AM. End of Shimla Manali Tour.

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The Marvels of Manali

Arrive prepared and lose yourself in the forest-y indulgences. This ‘Valley of Gods’ is a portion of the Valley of River Beas and the crackling river water is the source of merriment- both as a natural retreat as well every bit an adventure provider.

The mystic town of Manali, a welcome refreshment to you as a traveler or tourist, has a great deal to put up. The spellbinding beauty of the kingdom of ‘Home of Manu’ is bejeweled with spectacular valleys and mountain tracks. The region inside the town and around, is home to a rich cultural and natural heritage.

The Manali Sanctuary is a testimony to the nature’s copiousness in the Manali district. For wildlife partisan, this sanctuary could be an answer to their quest in understanding the wild. Sailing through the thick forest of Deodar, Oak, Walnut, Maple, horse Chestnut and Kail, you will witness the Mother Nature as she is.  Cross the paths with animals like Musk Deer, Brown Beer, Snow Leopards and the likes, and while trekking through the greens, present yourself to the wonderment of nature.

Another spectacular spot is the Pandoh Dam, en-route the NH 21. This human- made miracle made of earth and rocks is an embankment on River Beas and offers a panoramic view to all those who hold back over along their ride through the road.

The Kullu- Manali region has found its spot on the Earth map. While you are in Manali, apart from enjoying the local indulgences, set out and explore.

The Rohtang Pass, meaning ‘a pile of corpses’ in the local language, christened and then because of the surprise blizzards, storms and landslides that hit this pass, in spite of not being hazardously high, cooking it a Herculean task for anyone to traverse it. It is the uniting link between the Kullu Valley and the Lahul-Spiti Valleys and is insured under a constant blanket of deep white snow- even in the months of summer.  Once you have attained the permit for passing over the pass, no other adventure can beat this once in a lifetime experience.

Journeying through the pain to reach Rohtang Pass, you would want to stop over in the Solang Nala Valley.The perfect terrain and weather conditions here have made it famous among those counting for some thrilling activities during summer or even winters. Go for Parachuting or Zorbing or Ice- Skating or Para-gliding and what not!

There is something for the religious should too- the HIdimba Devi Temple, sitting amongst  a dense cover of Deodar Trees, evidently has in its abode the footprints of a god.  A visit to the temple while the celebrations for Dussehra are underway will do justice to its true essence. Another religious hotspot is the Bijli Mahadev temple, placed near the Kullu valley, up the Halleni Village. The feeling is that this temple of metal at the altitude of 60 ft., attracts the lightening and each of these are regarded as the god’s blessing, destorting the Shiva Linga, which is then filled up using Sattu and Butter.

Manali is the perfect package of leisure, adventure and spiritualism.

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