Matrix Zorb Cold Weather Human Hamster Ball Zorb

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1.00MM 3*3M more

Water Wheel Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel

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Kid's Inflatable Water Wheel Swimming Pool Toy (49 X 33) - Summer just got funner in the pool with this brand new Kidster Water Wheel. Don't you wish we had these when we were kids. Your kids will love the hamster wheel like movement in this fun and unique inflatable pool toy. Roll along the top of the water with ease in the Kidster Water Wheel. Adult Supervision is always recommended. more

VIAIR 90P Portable Compressor

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Viair 90P Portable Compressor is a small but powerful portable compressor kit capable of inflating up to 31 inch tires by simply clamping the power leads to the battery terminal, connecting the lever style tire chuck to the tire valve stem and turning the unit on. Tire pressure can be monitored using the gauge mounted on top of the unit. Just turn off the unit to take an accurate pressure reading since air flow into the tire will show an inaccurate pressure reading. Has a 15 percent duty cycle, 120 PSI maximum working pressure compressor. more

HearthSong GBOP IncredaBall 65 Inflatable Ball

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Our 65 Incred-A-Ball in translucent orange and yellow is the newest addition to our collection of GBOPs (Great Big Outdoor Playballs)! Kids can stay active with this enormous GBOP, all year round and fun in any weather. Roll it, race it, run with it: our playball is great for solo or group play. Kids can even climb inside to get a colorful view of the world. Use our Electric Pump to easily inflate and deflate. Adult supervision suggested. For ages 8 and up. Size:65 Incred-A-Ball. more

UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball

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Shake, roll, pass or play your way to delicious homemade ice cream in about 30 minutes. You don't need any electricity, just basic movements and ingredients, for the unique UCO Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker. Simply add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other, then play with this durable polycarbonate ball until you have a delicious frozen treat. Your ice cream mix can be as simple or as creative as you'd like just mix cream, sugar and a flavor. It's lightweight and easy to clean and is ideal for camping, boating, picnics, parties, travel anywhere! Features: . Make delicious ice cream anywhere in about 30 minutes . Durable polycarbonate construction . Requires no electricity . Easy to clean Item Specifications: Diameter: 7.5 Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz. Capacity: 1 pint Material: Polycarbonate Approximate Prep Time: 30 minutes with cream, 35 minutes with half and half more

10 Things to Do For an Exciting Vacation at Exotic Boracay

Once you arrive at your beach resort in Boracay, you’ll discover that there are so many things you want to do. But just what are the top things you should try out? Here’s a list of 10 activities that will surely make your vacation exciting and more worthwhile:

1. Helmet diving – Aside from snorkeling and scuba diving, helmet diving is one of the first water sport activities you can do in Boracay. It’s also called ‘reef walking’ because it does not require you to swim or dive to see the island’s colorful marine life.

2. Parasailing – Another fun endeavor while in Boracay. You’ll be hoisted up about 100 m from the water. It may seem a bit scary for first-timers. But once you’re up there, the refreshing winds will take your fear away.

3. Cliff diving – For the more adventurous tourist, this is a must-try. Cliffs at Angol, Diniwid, or Puka Beaches are some of the more famous spots for this exhilarating activity. With heights going up to 50 ft, you’ll surely feel the adrenalin rush to your body.

4. Paraw sunset sailing – A paraw is an outrigger boat that’s indigenous to Boracay. Riding one is an experience in itself. But to sail on a paraw during sunset, when the sky changes colors, is something you should not miss.

5. Going for a sunset helicopter ride – If you want a different vista of Boracay during sundown, go for a helicopter ride in the afternoon, just as the sun sets. Picture-perfect views of the sky and the island await you from above.

6. Getting a henna tattoo – If you desire an artsy memento of your trip to Boracay, a henna tattoo is one of the things you should have. While it may not be permanent, it could last for weeks – and it’s painless, too. Plenty of henna tattoo artists can be found along the beach, and there probably is at least one near your Boracay resort.

7. Riding the Zorb – One of the more popular land attractions, the Zorb is basically human-sized plastic ball that can fit up to 3 people. Basically, you go in the Zorb and then you’ll be pushed to roll downhill. It’s essentially safe, as the Zorb cushions you inside. Some of them come with a harness as well. You can do this activity in Yapak, Boracay Island.

8. Visiting the Talipapa – The Talipapa is a seafood market in Boracay that sells the freshest catch of the day. If you’re craving for king-sized prawns, crabs, and lobsters, here is where you’ll find your appetite satiated. After buying from the Talipapa, you can take your purchase to any of the nearby restaurants and have it cooked to your liking.

9. Shopping at D’Mall – The perfect place to shop for souvenirs and just about anything you might need during your vacation. From apparel to small house furnishings, from accessories to handicrafts, you can find them all here.

10. Trekking to Mount Luho – Want to experience something besides Boracay’s waters? Then a walk up Mount Luho is what you can do. It’s about 100 m above sea level, and boasts magnificent scenery of the island from its peak.

See, there are a lot of activities to try and do here. So don’t just stay inside the room of your beach resort in Boracay. Go out, explore, and make the most out of your vacation.

Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway allows you to enjoy the beauty of one of the world’s best beaches at any time and any way you want. Craving for an exhilarating vacation? Go and indulge in the myriad island activities you can do all day. Longing for soothing moments? Unwind as you take in the cool tropical breeze and watch the sun set on the horizon. Whether you want to take it fast or slow, Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway will guarantee holidays filled with delight and excitement.

Adventure Activities and Water Sports in Bangalore

Due to the increased demand for water induced sports and fun activities, many entrepreneurs and businessmen have found it profitable to set up water parks and water game zones in and around Bangalore. Many of the major Water Sport locales in Bangalore are well equipped and supported with excellent quality surf boards, play zones, Kayaks, canoes and other equipments and facilities. These places are the best for amateurs and kids too, as they also offer support and expert training for those who are relatively unknown or new to these sports. There are many popular destinations for Water Sport enthusiasts, where one can enjoy many Water Sport activities like scuba diving, Para sailing, white river rafting etc. Most often than not, they provide the gear and the equipments and even take care of the travel to and fro from the river or the sport locations.

Let us now see which the specific and famous water sports in Bangalore are:

Scuba diving: one of the most favored water sports around the world is scuba diving. It is nothing but deep water diving, with the help of some equipment that help you see and breathe underwater. People go for scuba dives, to explore the sea, the world inside the waters. Murudeshwar, Dev Bagh and Maravanthe are some of the places in Karnataka that are considered as hot spots for the sport.


Para sailing: There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to those desirous of going for Para sailing in Bangalore. Para sailing is indeed a fun sport that is divided into two kinds. There is aquatic Para sailing as well as terrestrial Para sailing. Aquatic Para sailing is not possible in Bangalore because there are no real water bodies here. But terrestrial Para sailing is organized all through the year except in the rainy seasons.


White water rafting: White Water rafting is another very popular adventure sport in Bangalore. This is majorly due to the fact that these are very conveniently arranged and comfortable facilities are offered round the year for whole groups. Locales like Sitanadi, Kemphole, Netravati, Honnemaradu, Dandeli, Madikeri, Gokarna, Marawanthe beach Karwar and Devbagh are some of the finest places which offer major scope for water rafting.


Zorbing: zorbing on water is a lesser known water sport, but a great one nonetheless. Water zorbing is preferred in still waters as the waves otherwise would be inclined to pull the zorb in. There are many destinations around Bangalore too that offer world class zorbing experience. Bheemeshwari fishing camp, Galibore, Kali, Dandeli, Dubare, Kodagu, Sita are some of the locations which are about 90 kms to 150 kms away from Bangalore.


Swimming: there is a huge scope for learning swimming as well as taking part in a lot of annual and monthly contests organized in Bangalore. A hub for weekenders, swimming is seen as a great sport and thus there are many holiday resorts and hotels that have constructed high end swimming pools to cater to the demands of the ever increasing troupe of swimmers.


Come and enjoy the best water sports Places around Bangalore.

For more details about adventure corporate outings

Contact: Thrillophilia Adventure Tours Pvt. Lt

Top 10 Things To Do in Marbella

Marbella was formerly a small typical Andalusian fishing village which over the years has turned into one of the most exciting holiday resorts in the Mediterranean. Marbella is the places to be and In recent years Marbella has become particularly popular as a beach resort for the rich and famous and with tourists from Northern Europe.

Another reason many visit Marbella is for the climate. Protected by the coastal mountains of the Cordillera Penibética, you can enjoy a microclimate with an average temperature of 18 ° C during the winter months.

The best beaches around the Marbella coastline are the beaches of Venus and La Fontanilla which are centrally located and very popular, along with the most well known ports of Puerto Banús and San Pedro Alcántara which were awarded the blue flag of the Foundation for Environmental Education, for its high standard of water quality, safety, general services and environmental management.

Visit the Old Town

Marbella’s old town is full of narrow streets and white washed houses, statues, fountains and churches. It is partially surrounded by the ruins of an old Arab wall and contains a lot of small, interesting boutiques. One of the most ancient buildings in Marbella is the Ermita del Santo Cristo situated in la Plaza del Santo Cristo and dates back to the 14th century.

The old town of Marbella is a photographers paradise, full of pretty white houses, flowers, tiny Churches and pretty squares. The Old Town has many lively cafes and the wide selection of first class restaurants, where nearly half hold a Michelin recommendation.

See Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is famous for the huge anchored yachts which come from all over the world. This cosmopolitan marina is a lively place, specially at night when everyone gets partying. You’ll see luxury apartments whilst walking along the sea promenade which are surrounded by gardens, palm trees and fountains.

With many restaurants, bars and high end shops. People usually come here to walk around the port where you will have the chance to see some of the most impressive and expensive yachts and cars in the World. On Saturday mornings Puerto Banús have an open stall market where you can find good deals on leather bags, shoes and belts. clothes, jewelry and toys can all be found so it is well worth the look.

Guadalmina Thermal Baths

Located between the paleo Christian basilica of Vega del Mar, the Guadalmina thermal baths and the Roman Villa of Río Verde mark the town’s oldest Roman origins. Known as ‘Las Bovedas’ it is situated close to the entrance arch from San Pedro Alcantara. These are Roman Thermal Baths from the first centuries of the Roman Empire. The Rio Verde Roman villa and the Guadalmina thermal baths are few discoveries from this past civilization.

Water Sports in Marbella

With Marbella been so popular for the Yacht’s it is no surprise that water sports here are also in abundance. Try your hand at aqua skipping, agua sphereing, sailing, Dolphin and Whale watching, Jet skiing or wake boarding.

Else where and close by to Marbella are numerous water parks for both the adults and children to enjoy, take a day out at one of these fun water park days out:

Funny Beach Marbella
Aquarium in Puerto Banús
Aquapark in Torremolinos
Parque Acuático de Mijas (Fuengirola)
Prado World Estepona
Sea Life Aquarium in Benalmádena
Tívoli World in Benalmádena
Hippodrome in Mijas
Crocodiles Park in Cártama-Málaga

Zorbing in Marbella

Since zorbing became a popular fun sport to do especially whilst on holiday it would not be the same without a go in one whilst visiting Marbella. You climb into a big ball and roll down a hill at speed of up to 40kph. There are two types of zorbing and you can either have a go at harness zorbing where you are strapped into the ball and roll over land or aqua zorbing where you are free to move around in the water.

Tour and tapas in Marbella

Why not take a guided walking tour which offers you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of the Old Town, its historic buildings and fragrant fruit trees. Taste some of the best tapas and get a taste of the authentic Marbella tapas bars which is where the locals and residents of Marbella enjoy their evenings.

Private Yacht Charters

Want to live like the rich and famous do for a day?! A day on your own private yacht and the chance to spend a day on the high seas and maybe see some dolphins in the crystal clear waters. You can hire yachts from 7 meters to 20 meters and most include onboard snacks %26 refreshments or a full Lunch and evening meal.

Shopping in Marbella

It would not be the same without visiting Marbella for a good old shop. Marbella is filled with luxurious shops such as Chloe, Hermes, Versace, Cartier and one of the best department stores in Spain, El Corte Ingles. If you are wanting something more unique then head to the Old Town where small boutiques can offer you something a little bit more special.

Eating in Marbella

One of the many pleasures of a visit to Marbella is the fantastic food. There are so many restaurants to choose from, serving all types of food and to suit any budget. Chinese and Thai restaurants can be located in Las Chapas and Doña Lola. The chiringuitos on the beach offer tasty tapas and is an excellent way to sample some of the local Spanish fare. You don’t have to walk far to find great restaurants.

Visit the Bonsai Museum

Renowned as one of the finest collections of bonsai’s in the world and slap bang in the middle of Marbella is the Bonsai Museum which has a good selection of award winning Fuji Kyookay Bonsai. Housing some 300 of these delightful miniature trees from 40 different species and featuring some trees of over 500 years in age.

The museum building itself is built over a small lake set in a park, the lake is filled with turtles which you can see basking in the sun on the rocks. Entrance is affordable at around 3 Euros.

The town offers some spectacular holiday accommodation in Marbella, choose from holiday apartments in the center of the town or head for a country villa in Marbella outskirts and mountains. 

Emma Hartley

Travel writer for Campaya holiday apartments in Marbella

Zorb Ball Can Encompass More Than One Person at a Time

Unless you get to know the adventures associated with the giant zorb ball, you will never proceed to buy one. If you have ever been to any beach concert then you must have gone through the amount of excitement this activity prevails. There are different varieties of such balls and if you are going to buy one then you can read the following measures to get through the basic requirements. These balls are so big that you can see them from a distance bouncing all over the place. Most giant balls are designed such that it can affix a complete person within it while some are designed to encompass more than two persons. Such giant balls are not generally manufactured by the company and if you want to get one, then you have to place an order.

The zorbball can be used by all sections of the society and people of all ages. Firstly the person gets inside the ball through an opening and then the opening is closed. The person then has to move along to let the ball roll and so he can move forward. Water ball are quite different in terms of the construction and the materials used. So, you have to be clear before ordering the ball that you are going to make use of it on rough terrain or on water.

Some manufacturing companies produce different shapes of such zorb balls like cylindrical and it completely based on how you want to use it. The cylindrical ones are used in different types of events and competitions like water racing etc. If you are looking to order such balls, then make sure that you hire the best dealer. The quality of such balls really matters because this ball has to go with different pressure zones during the sport and if it is unable to bear the pressure, then it can really create problems for the rider.

Don’t look for cheap zorb balls because these products are subjected to wear and tear during their usage and such cheap ball can be responsible to create lot of hazards. The materials (mostly plastic and vinyl) used in the manufacture of the balls can absorb the pressure and because of which you can have a smooth ride. Harness type balls are designed for stable ride where as the non harness type is made to bounce along with the ride. Enough cushions are provided for the rider to bounce during the ride. Different layers are being used in manufacturing of the balls and after manufacture the complete ball is heat sealed. This is done so that the ball can absorb the heat that is generated during the ride on the tough terrain.

You will find lot of such manufacturing companies and you can order from any of them. It is better to avail the online service instead of looking for the products in your locality because ordering from online can help you to fetch the zorbball directly from the manufacturing companies.

Dennis Mason is a lover of adventure sports and looks for new means to take his thrill and excitement to the next level. He enjoys playing with zorb fully and has ordered a zorb ball from which is India’s largest supplier of these products and many more at affordable prices.

Zorbing – The Best Way of Getting Revitalized by a Sporting Activity

Zorbing is defined as a sport activity of getting inside a giant transparent ball and rolling it down. It is considered as a recreational sporting activity because of the degree of fun it endorses. There are different places where you can proceed with this recreational activity like Water pool, grassy slopes, Snowy Mountains or even if open leveled ground. If you are a newbie, then you should choose leveled ground for this activity because you can have perfect control on your ride. Most of the people get engaged with this sporting activity in their backyard by creating different ramps. There are two different types of orb (the giant ball used in zorbing) classified on the basis of their manufacturing processes like:

•        Harnessed orb: This Orb is quite delicate and is used either in leveled ground or smooth surfaces like snow. Mountains and hills are not suitable to zorb with harnessed orbs. Harnesses orb can carry only one person and a maximum of two persons at a single instant.

•        Non- Harnessed orb: These orbs are manufactured for tough riding and can be used to ride down the hills and rough terrains. It can carry maximum of 3 riders at a single instant.

Construction of Zorbing orb:

While running down a rough terrain, the orb can take all the sudden shock because of its beautiful construction. For absorbing the shock, the orb has to be integrated with a shock absorber (air) which lies in between the layers of the materials used for the construction of the orb. Exactly, two different layers of the materials are used in making the ball and air is filled in between the layers. This air helps in suction of the pressure during the ride.

Plastic is mainly used in the construction of the orb which adds to the excitement during aqua zorb. You can get yourself involved in different zorbing activities like:

•        Dry zorbing: That is done on the plain terrains and grassy slopes. Here you have to roll along the ball i.e. in a plain terrain you have to roll the ball to move forward, but in hills and slopes you have to maintain the balance as the ball rollers down on its own.

•        Wet zorbing: Also known as aqua zorb. In this type of activity you have to get inside the ball and you will be riding it on the waters. The difference between dry and wet zorb is that in the former one you will have hard terrain under your feet to move on, but in the later activity you will be slipping and falling down as you will be walking on the water.

There are different types of safety codes that you have to follow during Zorb Ball Experts and Makers because every fun craving activity is always prone to different type of hazards. Unless you are a pro in this activity, you should be acting under the advice of the professionals. There are other safety equipments that are necessary to equip when you are getting engaged with this sporting activity.

Dennis Mason is a lover of adventure sports and looks for new means to take his thrill and excitement to the next level. He enjoys zorbing fully and has ordered aqua zorb balls from which is India’s largest supplier of these products and many more at affordable prices.

Multiple Uses of Inflatable Ball and Related Zorb Products to Look At

When provided to people, few items can be found, which would have popularity in multiple aspects. In the present day scenario, the zorb balls and other materials from high quality plastic can be used for multiple purposes. Most of the entertainment centres are having the inflatable ball and other items to allow people to have fun in the water or on the grass. Some of these balls can be used for dancing, walking, floating on water and variety of other things of similar types. In the coming years, such items will become regulars in the entertainment and amusement parks, while these items can also be used as personal belongings in homes and offices.

Possibility to inflate helps in secure games with comfort

Zorb balls have become particularly well known in parks and water worlds. These are possible to be inflated, with stress on the presence of air inside the two layers of the inflatable ball made of PVC or TPU, along with mix of foam. In these balls, the inside is hollow, allowing people to enter inside and remain there, without getting choked or lack of air, since air plugs have been provided to allow people inside to breath. Some of these balls are made from hardened plastic and have large pores, but are not prone to tear or breakage. This kind of arrangement is done for the safety of the users, so that they can enjoy to the fullest, without having fear of injuries or feeling claustrophobic.

Even though inflatable, these zorb items do not lead to issues

Few other important positives in the zorb systems are the inflatable items, which can give rise to better enjoyments, without feeling claustrophobic. Inflatable lounges and balloon tanks are also available in the market, giving better shape to the users, providing them the best comfort. The lounges are of particular versatility because they can be put in the sun or in the shade, easily carried off to various places for fun or occasions like picnics. These are therefore very popular these days in pool parties as well as in personal swimming pools. They are also not very costly, thereby possible to be afforded by many people. More than everything else, these lounges can be filled up with air quickly and immediately used for fun.

Features in inflatable items give comfort, excitement and adventure

In most of the gaming zones, the inflatable ball has become a common feature because of the versatility of use. These can be safe, while being used by children and adults alike. Adding fun to the games are many other gears for people, such as sumo suit, which has multiple protective systems. These are not only filled up with air, but they have protective foam all around, which can be worn by people and used for sumo wrestling for fun. Over the years, the sumo suit has become a common fixture of many amusement parks, gaming arenas and even for personal purchases. Variety of inflatable items is nowadays available in the market, besides the ball, which can be further utilised to add exciting prospects to various games.

Dennis Mason is a lover of adventure sports and looks for new means to take his thrill and excitement to the next level. He enjoys playing with a zorb inflatable ball fully and has ordered a ball from which is India’s largest supplier of these balls and other items like sumo suit at affordable prices.

Increasing Demand for Zorb as a Recreational Item in Many Parks

In the last decade or so, there has been much demand of amusement parks in the cities, even so with the water worlds. As a global temperature rises, making it almost unbearable during the summers, people can treat themselves to some interesting games in the water. To provide people with such water facilities, it is becoming a norm to get zorb items for their use, which can have multipurpose features. These items have increased the popularity of the parks, evident from the fact that maximum number of visitors are trying out these elements from the water worlds or in the amusement parks.

Many good reasons backing the popularity of balls and items from zorb materials

There are many reasons for the demand of zorb ball. Firstly, the materials used in the zorbing instruments are of high quality, which are able to sustain the rough surroundings, as well as provide a wide room for movement inside, without breaking up. This is an important aspect of these huge balls, as well as the materials being used for various other purposes of fun and enjoyment. Swimming pools of the portable type are found in many of these materials, which can sustain the weight of people, as well as the water. Even though they are not quite deep, they can be great elements of fun for kids in homes as well as play schools. Without fear of any injury or water getting into the ears, nose and mouth, parents can let their children play in these materials, since they have been proved to be non-toxic for children.

Plenty of adventure sports utilising these plastic items due to their safety features

Due to their safety features, the items made from zorb are gradually spreading into many other varieties. Rolling balls have been known since many years. Nowadays, these materials are being used to make small diameter pools. Aqua lounge is one of the important items that have become quite famous in recent times, as these can be put up in the swimming pools for people to relax and play on these lounges by putting them up on the water. Particularly in summer parties, these have had a great run. Made from special rubber materials, there are also items like bungee suits and sumo suits. Also, dance balls can be designed from such instruments, which are particularly liked by adults in the amusement parks.

Increased demands for items from zorbing leads to supply and manufacture of good materials

Use of the zorb ball in many areas of amusement parks and water world has increased the popularity in recent years. People are increasingly demanding these items in the parks and most of the rush is seen in such elements. So, it is important to have the zorbing items in the collection of playing accessories because people will find it fun and enjoy their time in the parks, thereby increasing the popularity. In recent times, these are being procured by the parks in large numbers and the number of manufacturers of these special balls is also increasing.

Dennis Mason is a lover of adventure sports and looks for new means to take his thrill and excitement to the next level. He enjoys playing with zorb fully and has ordered a zorb ball from which is India’s largest supplier of these products and many more at affordable prices.

Popularity of Zorbing Ball Equipped with Utmost Safety among Children

When parents take their children to parks or amusement centres, they lay more stress on the features that can provide safety to their children. Even adults also seek safety when they indulge in sporting events. This kind of requirement is therefore being strictly introduced in most of the equipments that are put up in the parks, water worlds and in amusement centres. Not only are the manufacturers giving stress on the importance of safety, but the owners of such clubs and parks are trying to make sure that all the items are good in quality and safety. This is going to be beneficial in the long run and can make the centres popular among the masses.

Popularity of zorbing ball to enhance the sporting enthusiasts in amusement parks and water worlds

To add the best kinds of safety, the instruments and playing equipments are required to be made from soft and durable materials. Zorb materials are therefore becoming popular because they extend huge support for the kids, when they move around in zorbing ball like equipments. Balls are rounded in shape, with such materials made of plastic and rubber of good quality. To make sure that the rubber doesn’t burst, these are double layered and air is present in between, so that there is good cushioning effect. These features in the balls have helped in their popularity. Parents are happy that their kids are in safe hands and even there is no chance of any toxic substances.

Plenty of gaming equipments being designed with zorb materials for safety

Many types of equipment are therefore being designed with these plastics, most of them being used in water sports. Since there is an inflatable layer, filled with air or other gaseous substances, these balls or lounges can float in water, without being deflated. Even if these play items are deflated, the rubber material helps in their floating. So, it is common to find a lot of play equipments like water zorb to be used in water world, which has completely changed the scenario of fun and adventure in these locations. Such materials can easily float in the water and without any fear of drowning or injuries.

More centres for water sports and activity using the zorbing equipments for safety

Children can play in these zorbs, with fun and they will not be injured by fall inside these huge balls. Even, when going down slopes or slipping, the cushion effect of rubber and air is enough to protect them. These days, such a concept is being utilised in most of the sporting events in such amusement parks, allowing good balance of fun and safety. Over the years, more and more sporting centres are coming up with the water zorb, so that games on the water have become safe and easy. So there is rise in the popularity of these centres, with huge stress on the safety of children as well as adults. In the coming years, such zorb materials will be found in many of the centres, further boosting the gaming equipments with safety and fun.

Dennis Mason is a lover of adventure sports and looks for new means to take his thrill and excitement to the next level. He enjoys playing with water zorb fully and has ordered a zorbing ball from which is India’s largest supplier of these products and many more at affordable prices.

Going out for Zorbing with 4 Advantages to Look Forward To

In the modern day 21st century, there has been a growth in the number of advanced items. These can be in different spheres of life, and hence it is no surprise that the playing items are getting improvised. It has been observed that useful items can be created from plastic and rubber materials, which can be designed in ways to benefit the games. Over the years, these items can become extremely interesting and a similar predicament has been found with the aqua zorb.

Modern mechanics of advantage – Modern day mechanics and physical properties have helped in giving a broad based meaning to the way games can be played. It is an amazing thing to see large inflatable ball like structures rolling down a slope of grassy fields. In many countries like New Zealand, Australia and those in Europe have large patches of grassy fields, where variety of sports are possible to be played. These areas allow the play of different types of games using zorb balls, which is usually termed as zorbing. Hence, there has been much encouragement in the games using such large balls.
Safe to use and play for all – Safety factors with the zorb balls are among the most important features that people can find in such substances. There is an increased feature of safety, starting with the rubber surfaces of good quality, with a layer of air in between them, so that there is good cushion system for users. Due to this feature, people can easily roll down surfaces or even dash against hard surfaces, without receiving any bodily harm. Over the years, there have been major improvements in the zorbs being prepared for playing.
Extreme fun – Fun elements in the zorb balls are of particular importance in the playgrounds. This is essential because people arrive in amusement parks and water worlds to enjoy these kinds of rides, with the purpose of getting the maximum fun from such balls. A ride in these balls takes people into a topsy-turvy world, where they can get inside the aqua zorb and do a lot of spinning and dashing around. These are features that add the extra fun to the amusement parks, particularly for children, giving a boost to the demand and manufacturing of these kinds of balls.
Great for adults – Over the last few years, the zorbing has become a favourite sport in many parks, fields and recreation centres. These are nowadays a common feature in the water worlds, as well as in amusement centres, where even the adults are finding these interesting to go around playing. It will be therefore quite a system to introduce the zorb balls in these centres and allow adults to enjoy like those of the children.

In recent times, most of the amusement parks and playgrounds are keeping the zorbing in their possessions and list, so that people can enjoy these games to the fullest, as well as adding a number of aqua zorb balls in the water world. Being made of rubber and of light weight, such balls are extremely fun to play with, keeping in mind all the safety features.

Dennis Mason is a lover of adventure sports and looks for new means to take his thrill and excitement to the next level. He enjoys zorbing fully and has ordered aqua zorb balls from which is India’s largest supplier of these products and many more at affordable prices.

Things to do in Phuket Phuket Games Zone

There is a brand new activity that has just opened up in Phuket Island in the south of Thailand, and it’s called Phuket Games Zone.

Located in a very quiet, peaceful and green park of Phuket Island, Phuket Games Zone currently has 3 very unique, and very fun activities for adults and children alike; a large 18 hole football golf course, a challenging 9 hole disc golf/Frisbee golf course, and body zorbing!

How to get there: Located in Chalong, very near to Phuket Zoo (on the same street in fact). Follow signs to Phuket Zoo, which is on Soi Palai, and when you reach the zoo continue on for another 500m, then turn left, and Phuket Games Zone is 300m on the left side. You should see the road sign. Otherwise contact details are given below.

Football Golf at Phuket Games Zone

The Phuket Games Zone football golf course is the biggest and best football golf course in Phuket. It offers 18 holes, multiple challenges, 2 prizes and no limits to the amount of fun you can have. The course has larger and challenging bunkers, chip shot zones, and a lot more plus of course the 19th hole (at the clubhouse) where you can cool down with a chilled drink under the shade.

If you’ve never played football golf before then don’t worry. It’s easy. It’s just like normal golf but instead of using a golf ball and club, you use a football and your foot! Simply aim like you would in normal golf, and then kick! There are 18 holes and it’s great fun completing the course.

There’s no need to worry about which club you’re going to use, handicaps or wind speed, you just relax and have a good laugh with your mates. It’s great for any age and any ability.

Frisbee Golf at Phuket Games Zone

The Phuket Games zone Frisbee golf course is the only Frisbee golf/disc golf course in Phuket (and probably the south of Thailand). Here you can have a relaxing game of skill and cunning for those who understand that the best sports are those you can play with a drink in your hand!

It’s easy to play, simply compete to see who can get their Frisbee/disc into the basket with the least number of throws. Phuket Games Zone provided the discs: a putter (much like a normal Frisbee) which flies slowly and short distances but is very accurate, a mid-range disc which is a little more aerodynamic than the putter, and a driver which has a much sharper edge and can fly long distances. You choose the right disc for the shot, just like you could choose a club in normal golf.

Phuket Games Zone has also devised some variations to play, such as:

Blindfolded Pairs: This is good fun for groups of 4 or more. For this, players need to get into pairs, giving yourself a fun team name, and the blindfolded player is guided by their seeing partner. For putting, the seeing partner rattles the chains of the basket to help them aim the Frisbee into the basket. You can decide the prize, for example the loser pay for everyone’s round!

The 5-Minute Frisbee Feat: A normal round of 9-Hole Frisbee golf will take between 30 – 45 minutes, but if you think that you are skilful and fast enough, then you could try the ‘5 Minute Frisbee Feat’. As the name suggests, you need to complete the course in under 5 minutes, and if you can then you’ll win 2 free drinks and an unlimited day pass to Phuket Games Zone. It’s doable, but you have to be fit to try. I ran out of steam half way through!

Body Zorbing at Phuket Games Zone

If you’re wondering what Body Zorbing is then don’t worry, it’s nothing kinky! Best thing to do is search on Google and you’ll see what body zorbing is all about. In brief, a body zorb is an inflatable ball around 1.5m in diameter, that you half climb into so that you body and head are protected, and your legs are sticking out so that you can run around.

It’s like a protective shell, meaning that you can barge and bump into your friends, fall onto the floor and do somersaults without getting hurt. This activity will definitely bring the kid out of you, another great bit of fun and also the only place in Phuket currently offering this activity.

Typically, the people at Phuket Games Zone have conjured up another fun game to play with body zorbing, which is body zorbing sumo, or as they like to call it – Zorbo!

Zorbo is very much like sumo but the players are of course wearing the protective body zorb ball. You have to get your opponent on the floor or out of the ring to win. Do you have the balance, strength and skill to beat your friends?

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse, or 19th hole, is a large open air seating area with dart board and drinks and refreshments, and great service. A number of free activities are on offer, including power kite flying, petanque bowls, and darts.

If you’re on holiday and fancy a drinking challenge, then Phuket Games Zones has plenty of ideas for drinking games on offer!

Snacks are available, but for a proper meal you can try one of the many seaside restaurants all within a few hundred meters walk, which offer excellent quality Thai food and seafood.

Phuket Games Zone is located on Soi Palai, Chaofa (East) Road, Chalong. It is very near to Phuket Zoo, on the same street. Drive past Phuket Zoo around 500m, and then make a left turn, another 300m on the left. They have a large street sign so you should be able to find them.

The rates are quite reasonable:

Football Golf: 500 Baht first round, 300 Baht per consecutive round

Frisbee Golf/disc golf: 300 Baht first round, 200 Baht per consecutive round

Body Zorbing: 300 Baht for 15 minutes, 200 Baht for each additional 15 minutes

Phuket Games Zone also organises birthday parties, staff outings and corporate events, with balloons, trophies and snacks if required. You can call them for more details.

Writers Opinion: The setting is very rural, quiet and away from hustle and bustle. The prices are very reasonable (especially compared to some other events in Phuket which cost an arm and a leg!), and you’ll leave with a smile feeling like you just got good value for money. The games are quite addictive, but for permanent residents of Phuket discounts are available, including season tickets – just ask the staff.

You can contact Phuket Games Zone on the following numbers:

English : (091) 010 5488

Thai: (085) 150 6226